The exhibition Vanishing point consists of personal readymade and objects collection. Through their finding stories in specific places, things begin to relate to each other and create a new narrative. The exhibition is divided into 7 parts. The first is the whole title of the exhibition (also readymade) borrowed from the movie Vanishing Point (1971 m. Dir. Richard C. Sarafian UK, USA) and sinopsis written specially for this invisible part of the exhibition. Narrative of the exhibition includes European cultural and historical events and well-known conceptual constructs incorporating the present situation. Into the main narrative includes Kaunas Laisv?s Avenue and the story of artist as the Other person.


Artist, possessed with creative psychosis, begins to perceive the hidden meaning of each thing. The first object - 35mm film roll with the human body's internal images photographed by X-ray 1.20 min., was found at 2015 in nightly Athens near Octobre 28th street. Later in the studio, he examining various objects and remembering their finding stories, begins to grasp the relationship between them. Promotional poster of well - known company with a woman's face, was found in the basement, in Kassel, during the exhibition Documenta'13 and collected journals Cinema X (International Guide for Adult Audiences), from which fall leaf advertising magazine for men REX, purchased during the Queen's birthday in the Netherlands a few years ago. Artist, started to combine items in a sequence, understood that all the time something was hidden from him. When he awake, during the end of the film Vanishing Point, he remembers that he must take an ordered gold ring from the jeweler. Continuing his work he trying to see entire and understand the whole message sent to him, but in the end it’s not clear who is the sender. Perhaps he himself? Disturbed and possessed with a sense of déjà vu, he walks during the opening of his exhibition and thinks that all of this has already been seen somewhere ...

Created based on real events
( Once upon a time lived two brothers, but one day one killed another ).


The Abduction of Europe

(35mm film roll with the human body's internal images photographed by X-ray 1.20 min., was found at 2015 in Athens)

Sound track
(„WO IST DAS LAND“, Mellita Berg, 1959, slow rock, duration 2 min. 40 s.)

(Time Machine 0:00)