Blot / Restart
Video performance, 10 min. Camera Vydmantas Plepys. 2001.

The title of the work is borrowed from the Soviet-period animated children’s film We Are Looking for the Blot or Klyaksa in Russian. The main protagonist, the anti-hero of the film, travels across the album of the painter’s best drawings, smudging everything on its way. Two characters in pursuit of him run into a black man on the island and take him for the Blot.

In the video-performance "Blot/Restart" Dainius Liškevi?ius smokes a cigarette, then melts a piece of chocolate with his cigarette lighter, smears the chocolate on his face and then wipes his face with the Lithuanian flag, which is hanging in the background. After wiping the face, another person appears instead of the artist. This video-performance was inspired by the excerpt from the comedy of G.Zidi "The Beast", where the main character is lighting the cigarette and his double is falling down the steps.