Installation. 1998

“This is on of the ways to see the last big project by Dainius Liskevicius “In/Out”, first shown in the exhibitions “Cool Places” at the Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius. The structure of several automatic doors operating on the opposite basis is a metaphor of social context of the post-communist countries. It Shows a clash between the offer of the social ideals and the fact the they are not accessible to a bigger part of society. On the other hand this work really functions only when the spectators create the playful situation, which is content of the metaphor mentioned above. The playfulness of this work also reflects the important aspects of the “societe de spectacle” as described by Guy Debord. So “In/Out” is critical and descriptive at the same time”.

Jonas Valatkevicius, Curator, Contemporary Art Centre (CAC), Vilnius, in Baltic Art center, 99// Björkanderska Magasinet, Visby, 1999, s. 7–11.

Installation, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, 1998
Baltic Art Centre, Visby, Sweden, 1999 PL Liskevicius2 copy 1.jpg PL Liskevicius copy.jpg PL Liskevicius1_2.jpg copy_2.jpg